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When you want to go online and backup your important computer files, assets and data there are several options available. However, one of the best options on the market today is Carbonite, which has been providing secure online backup services since 2006. They have continually expanded their business, offering a wide array of services for both professional and personal use.

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Carbonite offers online backup services for Windows and Mac users. One of the great benefits of the service, is its ease of use; simply install the software, complete a simple setup process and you are up and running. The software runs in the background of your computer system, never interfering with your current processes or programs. Take note that it is important to take a good look at the setup options since Carbonite offers an automatic options and a customized option which allows you to pick what file types are backed up. Also, once you decide on your setup, you cannot run the wizard again to change your setup.

The Carbonite system backs up various files including, email, images, videos, documents and music or audio. The system caps automatic back ups at 4gb. Anything over 4gb will prompt the user for authorization in order to backup the file. In addition to locally stored data, Carbonite also backs up data from external hard drives.

One of the many features of Carbonite includes a Mirror Image options which simply creates a mirror image file of your computer system, including the operating system, files and programs. In addition, a Courier Recovery plan can be selected which delivers a backup of your system to your home or office. This option helps when online recovery is impossible or impractical.

Another quite useful feature of the Carbonite backup service is their data recovery option. However, not only do they allow you to recover lost data, but they also provide a Versioning feature which stores up to 12 versions of a file. This way, a user can revert back to an older iteration of a file, and not simply recover that last version available.

A newer feature of Carbonite is the option to restore your data onto a new system. This feature will replace all your files, programs and data structure to match that of your previous system. So if you undergo a catastrophic data loss due to hardware failure or other issue, rendering your host pc useless, you can feel safe in knowing you can restore your system and system setting onto another computer.

Remote Access
Carbonite also allows remote access to your files. This is simply done using a browser and logging in to their remote access section of the Carbonite web site. From there you will see all of your files and data displayed as if you were viewing them all on your own computer.

Carbonite brings a lot to the table when it comes to online backup and restoration. They provide a comprehensive service with a great amount of features in comparison to the competition. They also offer several account options and pricing plans allowing users to find the right package for their needs. The service is simple and easy use with an carefully guided setup process. Their support is also top-notch, with staff available in a variety of means, e.g., email and phone.

For many users, this ease of use and variety of services and features will make deciding on their service easier. With Carbonite continuing to grow their service and enhance their products, it is no wonder they are one of the best online backup services today.

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